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The best hunting areas are rare and expensive. One can have the best PH in the world guiding you and the hunting camps and equipment can be first class BUT if the hunting area is not a good one, that has consistently produced a variety of high quality mature animals and a fulfilling safari experience, one is not going to have a truly great safari. Period.Our safaris, particularly our hunting concessions, must not be compared to “other” safari Outfitters’ areas because you cannot compare apples with oranges. What we offer is a substantial cut above the rest and not comparable! over 39 year’s experience, Zander Osmers Safari’s is synonymous with what has become an internationally recognized name in big game hunting. 
So much so, that we have been awarded several exclusive concessions and hunting agreements on concessions in South Africa that stretches to 260 000 Acres of wilderness where all the game acute naturally since time began.

Zander Osmers Safaris is a family business that was started by Zander Osmers in 1982 and now run by his son Charl Osmers.

Specializing in tailor made hunting packages which cater for your every requirement; you can trust the dedicated team at Zander Osmers Safari’s to provide the ultimate African Hunting Experience! We do not only cater for hunters but the family also. We offer a variety of tourism for the non-hunters while the hunters are out hunting a tour guide from Zander Osmers Safaris with a private mini Van take the non hunters on daily excursions around the lodge.

Zander Osmers Safaris is situated in the Limpopo Province of South Africa which is home to the finest big game hunting grounds in the world. Our hunting area's have 34 species of pristine game on offer. 


ETHICS: We embrace the hunting traditions of our forefathers where fair chase & ethical hunting combined with a deep and sincere respect for wildlife and wild places is simply part of who we are.

CODE OF CONDUCT: Honesty & integrity come first. Hunting is our right but it’s also a privilege. We respect all fauna and flora and the laws of the land. We abide by the PHASA code of conduct.


Zander Osmers Safari's deliver on what we promise. There are no frills, exaggerations or puffery. We correspond quickly and accurately with our clients. We pay great attention to detail and leave no stone unturned in the build up to, during or after your safari. We ensure there are no unwanted surprises and no hidden costs at the conclusion of your safari. Zander Osmers Safari's team are committed and enthusiastic. They are the best in the business. Quality hunting areas are paramount to the success of your safari. We don’t settle for average destinations. Legal compliance – we know there is zero margin for error.


We love what we do and are passionate about sharing the great outdoors with our discerning clients. We take the details and the success of your safari as seriously as you do! Consistency has resulted in our impeccable international reputation. We guarantee you the real thing – a memorable, authentic African safari and total piece of mind.

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