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If you’re reading testimonials then you’re already convinced you should go on safari.  Now you just need to decide who to entrust with your precious time and resources.   Book with Zander Osmers Safaris and you will be on your way to a great adventure that will certainly meet, and likely exceed your expectations.  Between four hunters (me, two teenage sons and my father) we’ve spent 70+ hunter/days afield alongside Charl and Roux.  My mother and wife also joined us for 2 weeks.  Every single one of our individual and group needs; from special side-trips, to very specific and lengthy hunting expectations, has always been met with a smile and a clear can-do attitude.  You will feel at home in their company, excited for each day afield, then return to your home with great trophies and even better memories of time well spent with friends.  Heck, I’ll even call them honorary Texans because every member of the Osmers Team certainly has the hospitality, warmth, strength and dedication to success that is the pride of all true Texans.

Best Regards Ryan Corrigan

We decided to take our family of seven, including five kids, to South Africa to experience all South Africa has to offer. Charl and Zander Osmers Safaris flawlessly arranged every detail from the moment we arrived in the country to the moment we left. They arranged tours and activities for our nine year old daughter, including a horseback safari, a day with baby lions and a trip to an elephant encounter. They toured us through the Blyde Canyon and its unique geology and beauty. The hunting was incredible, Charl and his team are the finest professional hunters I have experienced and the trophy quality of the animals we saw on a daily basis was incredible. The accommodations are beautiful and our family loved every meal and the evenings around the campfire. This is our second trip with Zander Osmers Safaris and I can’t wait to go back. Zander Osmers Safaris truly provided our family with the experience of a lifetime.

Doug & Rainee C


My wife Vicki and I have hunted with Zander Osmers Safari’s on two different safari’s.  One 10 day in 2011 and one 14 day in  2013.  We harvested 12 animals in 2011 and 22 animals in 2013.  We have hunted in New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Alaska, and pretty much all over the US.  Without question our favorite and most enjoyable hunt is our safari’s with Zander Osmers Safari’s.  They have tremendous concessions that are very large and contain high quality game animals, plus they are tremendous Professional Hunters.  They treat you with respect and are willing to help you any way that they can.   Their facilities are of the highest caliber, along with the food and care.  They never pressure you to take an animal that you do not want and they can tell you the quality of the trophy you are looking at.  We became very good friends during our safaris, and have stayed in touch ever since the first safari.  They can help you with any trophy you would like to hunt from the largest to the smallest,  and do it with the greatest of comfort and safety.   Vicki and I would highly recommend Zander Osmers Safari’s to anyone wanting a great experience in Africa.


Feel free to call me or email me with any questions.


Frosty and Vicki Miller


If you are looking for a proven operator that consistently delivers a quality safari, I can strongly recommend Zander Osmers Safaris in South Africa. I say consistently because we have taken four family safaris with the Osmers in the past six years and every one has been very successful and memorable. The concession is over 75,000 acres and the abundance and quality of wildlife is exceptional. The plains game hunting is outstanding. In particular, their waterbucks and kudu are exceptional but they have a good population of almost all Africa plains game as well as the Big 5.  Furthermore, Charl Osmers (head PH and operates the concession) is a hands on guy and runs a top notch operation. He understands the importance of taking care of clients and will work diligently to help get your animals. They are tireless in this pursuit and I rate their PH's 5 stars. In addition to the outstanding hunting, the concession's accommodations and food are great. For the record, I do extensive due diligence when researching and booking our safaris in Africa and Europe. You will be hard pressed to find a better outfitter in South Africa than Zander Osmers Safaris.


Jim Crebbin

Dear Charl,
I can’t express in words what the safari meant to me and my son Tyler.  From the moment we were picked up at the airport, the experience was first-class.  You and your staff attended to our every wish, and the hunting was exceptional.  You and Roux made sure that we only killed the best animals, and we never felt pressured to shoot an animal that we were not sure about.  We were in a safe environment the entire time, and the food was excellent at every meal.  I could not think of a single thing that could have been improved on.  Our experience was one that we are still talking about four months later.  Thanks again for the hunt of a lifetime.  

Eric and Tyler Lane

Dear Charl,


I want to thank you and the staff at Zander Osmers Safari’s for hosting my little group and I on the hunt of a lifetime!  With a special thanks to Roux Goosen for doing a wonderful job acting as PH for this old deaf man on his first safari!  Thanks to his guidance I was able to harvest an Eland, a Blue Wildebeest, a Zebra, a Sable, a Kudu (SCI Record Book #121) and a Mountain Reedbuck (SCI Record Book #23).


The lodging and meals were first class.  All the staff were utterly professional in the field, yet personable and warm everywhere else.  Your acts of sharing visits from your friends and family, babysitting us on a visit to Kruger National Park, guiding the group on a shopping spree for souvenirs and spending a whole day playing with us on the firing range added many personal touches that combined with the hunting to make the trip even more memorable.


I’ve already mentally prepared the list of animals that I want to hunt the next time that I am able to come and spend time with you in SA, and I eagerly look forward to that visit!




Tommy Teas


I have had the pleasure of hunting with Zander Osmers on two safaris and am looking forward to another safari soon.  Having hunted in many places and with all considered, the Zander Osmers’ hunts were the best hunts I have ever experienced.  The accomodations and facilities were top notch, the staff and meals were great and the guides and hunting concessions were beyond belief.  There was always the high possibility of spotting a trophy around every turn.  Hunting with Zander and Charl is truly the ultimate African hunting experience.

J Davis 

It was worth the wait to hunt with Zander Osmers safaris. They had their territories scouted, knew where the game was and put me on it. I was delighted to take my Sable- the focus of the hunt; then we played for 5 days taking 11 book animals with my bow under various conditions at multiple locations. When a buffalo herd came into a water hole, we tried hard for a bad boy, and took a top 10 cape buffalo with bow on my travel day as a bonus. Charl and Roux made sure that  I got more than I bargained for on this hunt west of Kruger National Park. We are going back.

Yours truly, Gary E. Ellison

have hunted all over the world and Osmers safaris is simply the best.  After our first safari we had our trophies measured for the SCI record books and we realized that we had several entries into the record books, since that first Safari we have 40 entries in the record books and counting. Zander Osmers Safaris has some of the very best concessions in all of South Africa. From the quality of the animals, the accommodations, the food, the quality of the guides there just isn't a better outfitter.

Robert st Pierre

If you are considering a hunt in South Africa, the Osmers will provide you with an amazing first class hunting experience. 

I have hunted all over the world and have never seen an operation so consistently superior to anything you can imagine.

Every tiny detail in the hunting experience is planned perfectly.  The Osmers have so much experience in hosting hunters.

You feel completely welcome, at home and immediately understand why they are so successful.  They aren’t just seasonal

hunters.  They live on and adjacent to their concessions,  during the hot summers they are on their concessions daily and know

everything a Professional Hunter needs to know to put you on the best trophy possible.  They work tirelessly to make sure

that your hunting experience is perfect and when you finish your hunt with the Osmers you will be planning your next trip.

I have hunted with them four times harvesting lion, leopard, elephant, cape buffalo and many, many other species.  I never

went home without the trophy I hunted.  They will work all day and all night to get the job done.  Everything else they do, in addition

to the hunt, is performed just as efficiently.  The transportation and accommodations are amazing.  There is an abundance of

delicious food prepared in their kitchens daily, plenty of snacks, laundry provided overnight, an amazing lodge with a full bar

to gather in and tell stories after each day’s hunt.  You cannot go wrong.  They are wonderful people who will provide everything

you need for a once in a life time experience.

Frank Sulivan

“I’ve hunted twice with Osmers and both times were world class. Charl works tirelessly to ensure a once in a lifetime experience for his hunters. Him and his team make it look easy! We will never forget our time with Charl and his family in SA and the friendships we formed with him, his family, and staff. Roux and his other PH’s are top notch. I’ve hunted other places in SA and Osmers is in a league of there own when it comes to accommodations, service, professionalism, and quality of animals. We look froward to out next adventured with Osmers Safaris!


-Mike Warren, Texas”

“I have had the privilege of hunting alongside Charl and Zander Osmers since the age of twelve. Since our first safari, we have been captivated by the vast diversity of wildlife and African landscape. After six unique safaris taking over thirty-five animals, that childhood excitement of seeing my first African animal still comes back with every moment. Our amazement with the animals and hunting has been equally matched with the accommodations and expertise of Charl and his fellow guides. Charl has a level of knowledge about the wildlife and African bush that is certainly unmatched by any other guide. The Osmers will go out of their way to accommodate and ensure that each hunter will experience the real African bush and will create memories that they will continue to relive the rest of their lives. I have spent a decade of my life returning to the African bush and growing up alongside the Osmers family. We have shared memories and experiences with them that are certainly some of the highlights of my life. Whether it was game spotting from the helicopter, working with conservationist to relocate rhino, or simply sitting around the fire at night, I found myself calling our camp home. The Osmers are family, and I believe that anyone who gets to share their dream of an African safari with them, will come back changed and inspired by what they do. The only caution I give, is that once you spend a week with the Osmers in Africa, you will never be the same and will regularly contemplate on how and when you will find yourself back with Zander Osmers safaris.”

Dakota st Pierre

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