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Buffalo trophies from hunting safari South Africa

Exclusive hunting consessions include:

Zander Osmers Safaris Consession 1


This Private Narure Reserve is situated on 75 000 continuous acres of pristine land bordering the Kruger National Park, between the towns of Gravelotte and Mica, north of Nelspruit. Proclaimed as a conservancy in 2003,this Game Reserve is a partnership between neighbouring families who have pooled former cattle land together to preserve and sustain the biodiversity of the region in the heart of the bushveld; characterized by six different veld types and a rich variety of 34 animal species, including the Big Five. Zander Osmers Safari’s have to date, secured the exclusive hunting rights on this Game Reserve for the past 17 years.

The area within which the reserve is situated is perhaps best known for its indigenous Sable Antelope herds. It is close to the Murchison Range and the mineral ore deposits of Phalaborwa, which are amongst the largest in the world.

This gives rise to a unique topography with varied and interesting geological formations manifesting themselves throughout the area. The reserve is also home to the cycad, “Encephalartos Dyerianos,” which does not occur naturally anywhere else in the world.

Camps in the reserve remain unfenced, which can occasionally result in an unannounced encounter as animals wander through the camp sites, which only adds to excitement of the bush experience! Expect sightings of baboon, zebra, giraffe, caracal, bushbaby (if you enjoy a night drive), spring hare, jackal, honey badger, mongoose, hyrax, wildebeest and any number of antelope, to name but a few.

Plains game and other common game species in abundance on the Nature Reserve include baboon, blue wildebeest, bushbuck, bushpig, civet, grey duiker, eland, elephant, genet, giraffe, grysbuck, hyena, impala, jackal, klipspringer, kudu, leopard, lion, caracal, nyala, ostrich, reedbuck, rhino, sable, steenbuck, warthog, waterbuck and zebra.




If any region in South Africa is known for world class dangerous game hunting it has to be the Lowveld of the old Eastern Transvaal, known as Mpumalamga today. This was the destination of choice for hunters for any of the Big 5. The Klaserie/ Balule Nature Reserves form part of a 6-million-acre open wildlife system with no internal fences which is teaming with massive herds of Buffalo and Elephant, prides of Lions, Hippos, Rhino and a variety of antelope species. This region boasts one of the highest densities of Leopard in Africa. These areas offer a stunning African experience where incredible game viewing can be enjoyed by everyone on board whilst traversing the land. The ecological integrity of the reserves is a priority to the management teams and both reserves are first and foremost dedicated conservation areas where limited, controlled and sustainable hunting contributes immensely to their management budgets as well as Rhino protection. 


Zander Osmers Safaris Concession 2



The MPUMALANGA  Province boasts large areas of ranch land comprising flat open plains as well as mountainous country reaching 6500 feet above sea level. Over 20 species of game occur – from the elusive Vaal Rhebok to the majestic Eland. Because of the wide open plains, long range shooting is required. Because of the varied habitat and size of the areas, one can expect to go out in a different direction each day and great distances may need to be covered by vehicle in order to collect all of the species occurring here. All visitors must be aware that it can get very cold in winter . .This concession is 1-hour drive from the main lodge. 

Zander Osmers Safaris Concession 3

Botswana Elephant Concession 4 

This concession is 500 000 Acres and triangle shaped, two sides borders the Chobe National Park and the other side borders the Caprivi strip with Namibië bordering the strip on the Northern side and our concession the Southern side. This is home to 100's of Elephants and no day will go by without seeing atleast 100 Elephant.

Traveling to the area is hassle free we pick you up in Kasane at Kasane International airport where we then drive trough the Chobe National park where you will have the opportunity to see on some of the wildlife Botswana has to offer. It's only a 90min drive from the airport to the lodge.   

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