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           Botswana Elephant Hunting

500 000 Acres bordering the Caprivi strip 

During the last hundred years big game hunting, not only in Africa but elsewhere in the world, has passed through it’s inevitable changing phases.

The big difference between old and new styles of hunting. Formerly no game laws had to be honoured and no restrictions where imposed upon the numbers of each species which is allowed to be shot legally. Now game laws promulgated in the various territories may not be infringed with impunity. Strict limitations are also imposed in regard to the species, and a specific number of each may be hunted lawfully on a license. A freedom the olden hunters did not know they had. But we might add how the modern men would have acquitted themselves when hunting elephant on horseback and armed only with a single barrel bore muzzle loader using black powder and firing a ball of lead, not a simple feat to accomplish when riding at a full gallop after a herd of elephant in unfamiliar territory  

with lions and hyena prowling the earth. These conditions where infinitely more severe to overcome than any which are experienced in present time.

In todays time being able and privileged to hunt these vast and sacred lands is an honour and to share this with our clients is exceptional. Untamed Africa and elephant hunting like in the good old days.

“Nothing more true was ever said about hunting big game, that ‘once an elephant hunter, always an elephant hunter’. In my opinion all other species seem little and insignificant in comparison with the tracking of the African bull elephant. It is a sport of which one never wearies and in which the hunter is forever learning something new. The more one hunts elephants, the less one seems to understand what the quarry will be up to next when being followed up or encounter at close range”.

Feeding the villagers

A quota of 15 elephant and 15 buffalo are set out per season. This area is an astonishing 500 000 Acres concession, this area consist of five villages, after each Elephant has been successfully hunted the trophy is skinned to the client requirements. The Elephant carcass is then loaded on a truck where it will be delivered to one of the villages in the area. Conservation through utilization, this carcass feeds countless families in these villages, where they are riddled in poverty. 40% of the population in Botswana is classified as poor. In the hunting season each of these villages receives 3 elephants and 3 buffalo to feed the whole community.  Relieving them from their everyday struggles, even if only for a moment.  Whilst having the opportunity to teach the future generations to achieve common good within their respected environments.


Our accommodation in Botswana is simply the best, one of a kind made out of a modern steel structure that's elevated above ground with big glass doors and windows over looking the beautiful Botswana savanna and a water hole where the big five and plains game can be seen from your room.. Each room has an on suite bathroom, bathtub and shower and air conditioning that do both heat and cold.


Lodge is fully solar powered also fitted with a generator if batteries run low. Breakfast in the morning before we head out, lunch is packed and served out in the field and a three course meal every night. Bar will be stocked to your preferences.


This concession is triangle shaped, two sides borders the Chobe National Park and the other side borders the Caprivi strip with Namibië bordering the strip on the Northern side and our concession the Southern side.


Traveling to the area is hassle free we pick you up in Kasane at Kasane International airport where we then drive trough the Chobe National park where you will have the opportunity to see on some of the wildlife Botswana has to offer. It's only a 90min drive from the airport to the lodge.     



Chobe National Park

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